Oliver the DiceMaster

"OLIVER THE DICEMASTER" is a  Kirby-inspired platformer centering around dice-throwing combat. Play as Oliver, battling through levels, collecting dice, and using them to defeat numbered enemies. 

The game was an entry to GMTK Game Jam 2022 for the theme "ROLL OF THE DICE". I think it turned out really well for my first 48-hour jam. 

If the web embed above doesn't work, you can download an HTML file from the bottom of this page.


  • Find dice in chests and use your dice points (shown above hearts) to roll a dice. Each roll costs 1 dice point.
  • If you roll a 6, you gain 1 dice point. But if you run out of dice points while enemies still remain, you lose.
  • Attack enemies with rolled dice by equipping dice and pressing X.
  • Each enemy has a number over its head representing the minimum total number of the dice combination needed to defeat it.
  • Defeat all enemies on a level to unlock the portal!


 ←  →  (A D) -  move,  ↑  (W) - jump 

Z - Select, Interact, Open Inventory

X - Go Back, Attack (When equipped)

R - to restart the level (shouldn't be necessary)

You can also play the game using almost any USB or Bluetooth gamepad (click the gamepad icon in the bottom-right of the controls screen to see instructions.)


The original game was developed during the 48-hour game jam. You can play this jam version by downloading any files with "GMTK_2022" in the titles.

  • All art was made by me in Aseprite (during the jam).
  • Music is by Wolfgang on opengameart.org
  • Sound effects from Kenney.nl or made by me with JFXR (during the jam)
  • Made with over 4000 blocks in Scratch 3
  • Banner art made by me in FireAlpaca

I would highly appreciate it if you rated the game. <3

Install instructions

You can play in the web embed or download the executable file named "Download.html" and play it on your device.


GMTK_2022.html 13 MB